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ClassBidster is a listing site that is created with the buyers and sellers in mind. ClassBidster is a listing site unlike no other, enabling the member to have the power to standout among the crowd by having the option to add tools, features and special features to their listing. We are devoted to our site and the members; our goal is to be the best listing site on the web in all aspects of listing and advertising your listing. Listing tools, features, and special features, as well as worry free security with ZERO tolerance on spam. We want our site to be more than just another listing site, we want to take our members to the next level in listing allowing them to have more control over their listing than just uploading a few photos and adding a description. We have gone the extra mile in adding as many features, tools, special features and security to our site to give our members the option on how they want their listing advertised, and we are not stopping there. We will continue to constantly keep searching to improve our site with more tools, features, special features and security to help our members’ sale their items as fast as possible and keep them safe and secure.

The creation of ClassBidster was started on September 2010; prior to our start we searched high and low for a program that would meet our high level of expectations for a listing site. We wanted a listing site that not only allowed a member to list an item on our site to sell. We wanted to be able to offer aid in the selling process to make their item sale as fast as possible.


We want our site to be as safe and secure as possible giving our members a worry free environment to list their items without having their primary email bombarded by spam. We stand strong on spammers bothering our members and we have taken a few steps to aid in keeping our members’ primary email and other information safe and secure. One of these steps is our My Account page. Each member will have a My Account page; within this page members can do anything they need to do. The My Account page is basically the users control panel and it is loaded with many awesome features. Anything that is needed to be done to a listing or any information the user needs is in their My Account page, send /receive messages, renew/delete listings or delete multiple listing, edit listings, make upgrades, keep track of winning auctions, share your listing on the top social network sites, like facebook, share your listing on your facebook page, and our facebook page, blacklist users if they become bothersome, print signs and flyers of your listing to further aid in the quick sale and so much more. To better understand the users My Account page see our Features page for more information

As a valued member of our site we want you to experience all that ClassBidster has to offer it's members, as it can only get better. Although we do NOT offer a personals section on our site as this has nothing in common with buying or selling. We do offer our members awesome tools, features, and special features that will aid in their buying and selling needs. We are devoted to our members buying and selling needs and want to give them the best of the best in a listing site; a place they can trust to buy, sale, trade, invest, and more. We strive to keep our site as user friendly, and secure as possible, and we will continue our search for upgrades to benefit our members in security, features, tools, and special features on a regular basis.

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